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The Wedding Day Advice You Never Knew You Needed

As a wedding photographer, I've had the privilege of capturing countless love stories and witnessing many heartfelt vows. Through my experience behind the lens, I've gathered some valuable insights and tips based on what I’ve seen happen that coooould have happened more smoothly. Additionally, as a former bride, there are a few things I can reflect back on and learn from as well. A lot of the advice that everyone tends to receive is like “Always have a Plan B,” or “Enjoy the Journey.” These are important too of course, but perhaps you haven’t heard these other very specific things. Whether you're a bride-to-be, groom, or aspiring photographer, here are some tips I’ve learned from the field:

Think about your Getting-Ready space. You want a space that is full of natural light and is relatively photogenic. Think nice hotel room, versus a dark Airbnb with outdated furniture. You also want it to be spacious enough for you, the hair and makeup team, and your bridesmaids who will be hanging out all morning. Most importantly, keep the room tidy to avoid clutter in the background of your photos by assigning a bridesmaid or groomsman to help keep things organized.

Print a copy of your wedding invitation. In this eco-minded world that we live in, many couples no longer choose to have printed wedding invitations and materials. However, be sure to print at least one copy for your photographer, even if it’s on an at-home printer. This way, it can still be included and photographed with your other wedding details. It can still look really nice and will be special to include in the story of your day.

Rehearse the Hand-off of the Bride at the end of the aisle. It seems like something small, but it’s a moment that is symbolic and often emotional, yet everyone is usually so nervous that it ends up being an awkward dance of “here you go” and dad/mom sitting down without so much as a hug, smile, or handshake. Think about it in advance and decide what whoever is walking you down the aisle is going to do when they get to your groom/bride. Communicate it or practice it if needed. 

Don’t forget to smile. Seriously, you’d be surprised how many wedding party members or fathers walking brides down the aisle have a resting apathetic face or are just overly serious. Blame it on the nerves, but just remind them to look up and smile! This is something you can ask your wedding coordinator to do!

You must try the mid-aisle Dip and Kiss. At the end of your ceremony, when you recede back down the aisle as pronounced newlyweds, pause in the middle or end of the aisle for a  mini dip and kiss! All your guests will cheer and it will make for a GREAT photograph!

Stay together after the ceremony and don’t leave each other’s side, especially in the immediate post-ceremony period. You’ll find that everyone wants to come talk to you and once you get separated, it is difficult to leave these greetings and conversations with people and you will wish you were having them and receiving congratulations with your partner at your side.

Make your guests come to you. Use one of these clever ways to be sure you greet all of your guests. Gone are the days where brides and grooms spend the whole dinner walking around from table to table. Try greeting and serving your guests their first glass of champagne when they enter the cocktail hour. Or try the photo challenge during the reception where the newlyweds sit/stand in the middle of the dance floor, the DJ plays one song, and during this time, every table must come take a photo with you. The challenge for everyone is that it must be done by the end of the song. The photographer will be ready, and you’ll have photos with all of your guests in a matter of minutes, plus it’s fun!

These are just a few key points that come to my mind, and I imagine there will eventually be a part II to this blog post! I hope this has been helpful in some way and that it has maybe taught you about something you hadn’t thought of before. Do you have any other very specific or weird advice to give? Let me know in the comments!!


Photo credits:

Photographer: @peace_love_leigh

Planner: @the_akia_events

Decoration: @nuhna_decor

Location: @lemiradorresortandspa

Photo: @peace_love_leigh

Video: @dadou_dlb

Flowers: @inspiration_vegetale

Wedding rings: @bijouterie.balance

Dress: @khasabrides

Evening dress: @colia_shop

Suit: @sergio_k_nahlaser

Makeup artist: @dose_of_angie

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Celebrant: @mariage_suisse

Cake: @sahanohouse


Customized signs: @lynn_mya_designs__

Caterer: @moontreats_event

Guestbook: @letelephonedor

Graphic designer: @free_yah_mind

Model Couple: @mau_de19 @ivan_williams

Bridesmaid models:



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