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Why you should book an Engagement Photo Session

Engagement photos are always a good idea! Some photographer's full wedding packages even include a complimentary engagement shoot. Now, so that you don’t pass by this epic opportunity to document this special time in your life, let me explain why it’s 100% worth your time and investment!

First of all, I know you and your partner probably have an abundance of selfies together just sitting on your cell phones, but how often have you and your partner had professional photographs taken together? For most people the answer is NEVER!

Once you have your gallery of beautiful, impressive, and artistic engagement photos, these high resolution, professional images can be used for your wedding “Save the Dates,” your wedding website, AND your wedding invitations, if desired. Triple score! They are also ideal to print in large format and hang on the walls of your home (or gift to your parents #nextchristmaspresent, lol).

Secondly, booking an engagement shoot is a great opportunity not only to get to know your photographer, but it’s a great opportunity to practice being in front of the camera. If you cringe at the thought of this, then you are in the same boat as probably 98% of people I’ve ever worked with, especially the men! I don’t know why, but most men absolutely dread "photo shoots." But you know what…100% of them leave the photo session smiling and thinking, "that wasn't so bad!" Being in front of the camera does not come naturally to most people. It can feel awkward at first, but honestly, practice and a good dynamic with the photographer can make all the difference. If your photographer knows what they are doing, they will make the session fun, give you poses, make you laugh with silly prompts, and give you all the direction that you need.

Lastly, you can treat your engagement session like a date! Pick a location that is special to the two of you, perhaps where the proposal took place, the site of your first date, or somewhere that is just simply beautiful and where you've always wanted to go. Some couples choose to do an activity for their engagement shoot, like hiking, climbing, having a picnic in the vineyards, going to the zoo, or even having cake and coffee in a favorite café. Dress up together, have a glass of wine beforehand to loosen up (if you like a drink), and come ready to spend that 45-60 minutes just loving-on your future spouse, talking together and giving lots of cuddles, kisses, and hugs. If you bring an open mind, and a great sense of humor, and I promise you will have fun!

Have I convinced you yet? Contact me and let's chat about YOUR engagement photo shoot!

Love, Leigh

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